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Welcome to our Pla2Win Bingo Review

Play2Win is one of those bingo sites that have been around for quite a while, and when first launched looked good yet in more modern is slowly starting to look a bit more dated. The design and look of the site is pretty basic, with a pink background with small squares of white at the top to try and make it look like a cascading effect. Unfortunately it doesn’t really have the desired effect. The layout is also basic yet functional and many players will be able to tell that this is a cozy games bingo site due to the names of the rooms available and also by the fact that the promotions are the same as many other sites found across the network.

One area we paid particularly close attention to was the terms and conditions applied to the different promotions. There are lots of promos on offer which is no bad thing. However, finding the terms and conditions can be a bit fiddly and tricky if you’re not sure where to look. These sites have been criticised in the past for their withdrawal process, but this has changed recently and the terms have improved. While inspecting the terms and conditions we do not spot anything which we feel would harm or jeopardise player safety.

The registration process

The registration process can be a little frustrating compared to some of its competitors. Initially you will need to enter your name, date of birth and your email address. Then you’ll need to enter your address and telephone number before having to enter credit or debit card details. Once this is complete you will not be able to access any of the games until you have validated your account. This is done by clicking on a link contained in an email that is sent to you by Play2Win bingo. While the registration process is not difficult it is time consuming as you may have to wait for the validation email to come through.

The lobby and bingo rooms

Once you get into the main games lobby the same functional layout continues. All the bingo rooms are shown in one long list on the page, which means you simply need to scroll up and down the page to see which game you want to play. There are also a couple of menu tabs above the list of all the rooms which will allow you to see all the slots and casino games that are available. A few players will recognise the layout, because in truth the games lobby is identical the vast array of other bingo sites on this network and the only difference is the colour scheme.

So we could fully test the site and games out we did play numerous games of bingo in different rooms. The layout of the rooms are functional and typical of cozy games. Graphically they may not be the prettiest on the eye but it is certainly easy to use and the bingo itself is good fun. It is easy to switch between different games and you can also play slots and other side games at the same time. At the time of our visit for this review the CMs seemed friendly enough and were also helpful with our queries.

Overall summary

Our general summary and analysis for this play2win bingo review. The best way to describe this site is functional. It is very easy to use and the layout does make choosing games straightforward. The downside is the design is OK without being amazing and the registration process is a bit time consuming compared to other bingo sites.

What is the minimum deposit required?

The minimum deposit is £5 and the maximum is £500.

How do you make a deposit?

On the left of the screen you’ll see some tabs and you’ll need to click on the one labelled ‘banking’. You’ll then see a list of more options and you’ll need to click on ‘make a deposit’. A new screen will then load up where you enter how you wish to deposit and then select your payment method from a drop down list.

What is the bingo wagering requirement and how will you have to wager?

The wagering requirement is 4X the deposit amount plus the amount of bonus received. Therefore if you deposit £5 and get a £15 bingo bonus you’ll need to wager a total of £80. You do have the option not to accept a deposit bonus and therefore have no wagering requirements to meet.

How long do withdrawals take and what is the minimum you can withdraw?

You may request only one withdrawal during a 5 day period which is quite restrictive and a little unfair. Withdrawals are processed within 48-72 hours of being received and will reach your account in 2-5 working days. The minimum withdrawal amount is £30 and prior to withdrawing you will have needed to have deposited a minimum of £10 and made at least one wager. Proof of ID must also be provided before you can make a withdrawal.

Is it licensed and regulated?

Yes it licensed and regulated in the Isle of Man. This means it can be classed as ’whitelisted’ and therefore considered safe to play.

What software is used?

Cozy Games software and is is on the live bingo network.

Are bank details needed at the registration stage?

You will need to enter a debit or credit during registration. No funds are taken from your account at this stage and you can always change the card details at a later stage.

How long has the bingo site been established?

Play2Win bingo was launched in 2009.