Vampire Bingo

Keith Goulding

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Minimum Deposit (Check terms for bonus trigger): £10.00

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Welcome to our Vampire Bingo Review

Vampire bingo was launched to coincide with the launch of the final Twilight trilogy film saga. This is evident from the moment you enter the home page with pictures of bats, moons and a smart looking vampire in a purple suit. While the design is trying to be a just that little bit different, it doesn’t really cut the mustard. The overall layout means that navigation is easy, but it does have the same layout as many other bingo sites which has the advantage of familiarity but is equally disadvantaged as it looks a bit ‘samey’.

The promotions on offer are vast and varied and one area we were keen to review and pay closer inspection to was the terms and conditions attached to the promotions. We wanted to test these terms to see if they could be considered safe. As this is a cozy games site some players in the past have complained about the withdrawal process so do play close attention to that. Apart from that, all other elements are fair and overall this could be classed as a safe bingo site to play.

The registration process

If you want to register a new account this can be done by clicking the clearly labelled ‘join now’ button at the top of the home page. There are three steps of personal details that need to be filled in. First of all you need to choose a username, enter your name and date of birth followed by an email address and password. You’ll then have to enter your home address and a telephone number followed by a debit or credit card. We tried to leave this blank but we could not complete the process unless a card number was given. Unfortunately it does not end there as you cannot play any games until you have validated your account. You’ll be sent an email which contains a link, just click on the link and you will validate your account and be taken to the games lobby.

The lobby and bingo rooms

Once in the games lobby it is no surprise that the same vampire theme continues. The bland purple background and the face of the vampire occasionally found on the screen means it looks distinctly average and also like many other sites. All the bingo rooms are shown on the page in one long list which has the advantage of making it easy to scroll up and down when finding a game that you want to join. All the rooms have the ticket price clearly labelled which will help those players who are on a tight budget. From the games lobby you will also be able to access a decent selection of slots and casino games to play.

To help us complete this review we also played a number of games to get a feeling what the bingo was like and this also allowed us to pay closer inspection to what the site is really like. If you’ve played at a cozy games site before then you will know exactly what to expect as there is nothing new or different here. The layout is typically user friendly, even if the graphics are not the best looking. You’ll have no troubles buying multiple tickets or playing slot games while waiting for a game of bingo to begin. The CMs did however seem a little hit and miss with some being more helpful than others.

Overall summary

Our overall summary from this vampire bingo review. This could be described as a simple yet effective bingo site. The design is OK without being amazing, there is a good selection of promotions on offer along with a good selection of different games to choose from. Fans of cozy games will be happy, but if you want something truly different you’ll only be left disappointed.

What is the minimum deposit required?

The minimum deposit is £5 and the maximum is £500.

How do you make a deposit?

On the left of the screen you’ll see some tabs and you’ll need to click on the one labelled ‘banking’. You’ll then see a list of more options and you’ll need to click on ‘make a deposit’. A new screen will then load up where you enter how you wish to deposit and then select your payment method from a drop down list.

What is the bingo wagering requirement and how will you have to wager?

The wagering requirement is 4X the deposit amount plus the amount of bonus received. Therefore if you deposit £5 and get a £15 bingo bonus you’ll need to wager a total of £80. You do have the option not to accept a deposit bonus and therefore have no wagering requirements to meet.

How long do withdrawals take and what is the minimum you can withdraw?

You may request only one withdrawal during a 5 day period which is quite restrictive and a little unfair. Withdrawals are processed within 48-72 hours of being received and will reach your account in 2-5 working days. The minimum withdrawal amount is £30 and prior to withdrawing you will have needed to have deposited a minimum of £10 and made at least one wager. Proof of ID must also be provided before you can make a withdrawal.

Is it licensed and regulated?

Yes it licensed and regulated in the Isle of Man. This means it can be classed as ’whitelisted’ and therefore considered safe to play.

What software is used?

Cozy Games software and is is on the live bingo network.

Are bank details needed at the registration stage?

You will need to enter a debit or credit during registration. No funds are taken from your account at this stage and you can always change the card details at a later stage.

How long has the site been established?

Vampire Bingo was launched in October 2012.