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Here at our home of the best bingo bonus offers we’ve brought you the leading bingo bonus deals. Not only this, but we explain what it is you need to keep eye your on when accepting any free gift or incentive from a bingo site. We hope that if you’re new to the world of online bingo that we can help provide a better understanding of just what a bingo bonus is.
Terms & Conditions Apply. Over 18s Only. New Players Only. Please Gamble Responsibly.

What exactly is a bingo bonus?

The best place to start is to try and understand what a bingo bonus is. Quite simply it is a gift or hand-out from a bingo site. There are so many online bingo websites that it is hard to know where to start and then to know which one to choose. They all essentially offer the same thing – bingo. But their bonuses are what will set them apart from the rest of the competition. The bingo bonus on offer will vary depending on whether you’re a new player or an existing player, of which we’ll cover below.

As a bingo player you’re likely to be given that little bit extra. This bonus can come in the form of a free bingo bonus or a deposit bingo bonus. In the first instance, it is exactly what it says. You’re given free money to play bingo with. With a deposit bingo bonus you’ll actually need to deposit your own money into your bingo account to play bingo. Sometimes, if you’re an existing player you’ll be told of a special one off bingo bonus or deal that may be run to help entice you to keep on playing bingo. Simply put, a bonus can come in many different forms and sizes. The idea is that you’ll be given something extra from the norm to make sure you keep on gambling and playing bingo.

You must always remember that a bingo site is never going to give anything away for free. If it seems too good to be true then it must be. The bonus can work in a number of different ways. It may be in the form of bingo bucks. Bingo bucks is a form of free money. This is not real cash and is in fact ‘play money’. With these bingo bucks you can play bingo games and also win more of these bingo bucks. This is a common addition or incentive to help keep you playing bingo.

Some incentives run by bingo sites will actually be real cash. You are unlikely to receive a cash bingo bonus for not doing anything. This type of bonus may be run when there is a competition over a period of time. An example may be that you’ll have to have play so many games of bingo. Or that you would have to been in a bingo room on so many days. The thing to watch out for is how that money is to be split. You’ll be advised of a big money jackpot of say £1,000. But when you read the small print you’ll find this is to be split between 100 people and to qualify you’ll have to spend more than the £10 you’ll end up winning.

The difference between a deposit bonus and no deposit bonus

The new player bingo bonus mainly takes on two types. The two most common are the free bingo no deposit bonus and the match deposit bonus. There is so much choice on the internet with so many online bingo sites that each tries to offer something special and different to get new bingo players. This is why as a new bingo player you’re likely to get that extra something. We’ve brought you all the best bingo bonus deals from each of the bingo sites we feature. To ensure your completely safe we have ensured they are 100% correct and in no way misleading.

A free no deposit bingo bonus is exactly what it says it is. You are given free bingo money. You do not need to part with any of your own money. A deposit bingo bonus will vary depending on the bingo site. As an example let’s look at a 200% deposit bonus. If you were to deposit £10 then you’ll get an extra £20 free so giving you a total of £30 to play. As a new bingo player these are the two new bingo bonuses that you will come across.

How existing player bonuses work

Once you’ve joined a bingo site then you’re going to want to be looked after. Bingo sites do this by running constant promotions and bingo bonus offers. A common bonus that you’ll be given is in the form of VIP points. When you play bingo you are given a certain number of these points. The more you play then the more points you’ll earn. The more points you have then the better the bingo bonus that you’ll receive. This can come in the form of receiving cash back on losses, special cash bonuses and bigger game prizes to win. It is a way to keep you gambling and playing bingo. But just be aware that you will need to spend a lot of money to be looked after like this. So we advise caution when aiming to become a bingo VIP.

Every bingo site runs its own form of bingo bonus for existing players. It may be that you can join special tournaments that run on specific days. Here the advantage will be that you can win an extra big money prize. Some bingo sites run tournaments where you can win shopping or food vouchers. There is literally so much choice and variation that it is staggering. We would always recommend that you pay attention to the card price and how many cards you buy. It is all too easy to get sucked into big money prize games so please keep an eye on just how much you’re gambling and that you stay in control of your spending.

What to look out for when accepting a bonus

We all love a free gift and taking advantage of a special bingo bonus can be all too tempting. But there are always terms and conditions which will be applied to any bonus that you receive. New players can expect a play through requirement attached to their juicy hand-out. This can be very misleading, especially when you’ve been ‘given’ £20 ‘free’. A play through requirement will mean how many times you need to play through the bonus you received. You’ll need to play this amount in order to withdraw any winnings. Typically with bingo this is usually a low number of around 3 or 4 times but caution should always be exercised when accepting a free gift.

We always aim to point out any onerous terms and conditions that may be applied. If we feel the terms are too steep or unfair then we will not feature that bingo site on this page. A bonus is there as an incentive and to help your enjoyment of the game of bingo. Please do not get caught out by not reading the terms of the bonus. One of the major complaints we hear is how someone has not been able to withdraw their winnings. Sadly this is because they did not understand the play through requirements of the bingo bonus.

Another way you can easily get caught out is how the bonus is advertised. A promotion may tell you that the jackpot is £500. This can be a little misleading. As this will often mean that that jackpot prize fund is £500 yet this is split between winners. So 1TG may get £100, 1 line may get £100 with the full house being £300. Rarely will you have the chance to win the full amount. These will be stated in the small print of the bingo bonus. Please do not get caught out and think you’re playing for a jackpot prize which you cannot win.

Any bingo bonus is there to help you have fun and enjoy playing the game of bingo. Please remember to always read the terms and conditions of any bonus. Also be aware of everything that we’ve advised above. These hints and tips have all been learnt from past experience so we hope you’ve found them helpful and educational.