Written and Video Bingo Reviews

Welcome to our bingo reviews page. Here we provide you with access to our detailed reviews of each of the bingo sites that we have featured. Reviews can be important in helping you make an informed decision. When you’re looking at a hotel or a certain product, you tend to have a quick look at a few reviews just to make sure everything is OK. We believe that the same should apply when you’re looking to join a new online bingo site. The trouble is, too many reviews do not provide enough detailed analysis, or they seem to bias and just not quite real enough.

Each review has been written by one of our expert team who has spent a few hours getting to know a particular bingo provider. Everything is inspected from the registration process, to the choice of games right through to trawling through the terms and conditions to spot anything nasty that may be hidden in the small print. We also break sections of the review down into simple bite size chunks. This way it makes it easy for you, the bingo player, to understand what it is you may be signing up to. Every player is different and therefore you will look for different aspects of a particular bingo site. Our reviews are aimed at providing an honest assessment for all players – new and experienced. We believe in putting a review together so that a complete novice can understand our points and not feel lost in jargon or words that only the pros will understand. Likewise, if you’re a bingo pro and are looking for the wagering requirements and withdrawal terms then we have this all covered for you. We have tried to cover every single aspect to help you make an informed choice.

Our reviews aim to be different, helpful, informative but most of all honest. If there are aspect we do not like then we will tell you. Quite a common example of this honesty will relate to the withdrawal terms. Sometimes it can be horrendous trying to get your hands on your winnings, and if this is the case we will point it out to you. In some cases, we completely abandon our review and disregard that particular bingo site completely. In our opinion there is no point spending so much time trying to analyse a bingo site if the ultimate aim is to deceive players. We aim to build a reputation on quality and honesty, and hopefully this comes across in our reviews.

Be different, be unique and see the website for yourself

Are you tired of trawling through the internet reading lots of text? Let’s face it; the majority of bingo reviews say pretty much the same thing. Naturally, there are varying degrees of what is said, but on the whole it will cover design, look, feel, is it safe, terms imposed and so on. These reviews can be both lengthy and wordy and therefore players may skim read an article and end up missing some vital point. This is where is different. Our reviews are our broken down into to handy chunks which makes reading easy. But we’ve gone two steps further. The first step is the use of videos. Bingo video reviews? How does that work? Quite simply, we put a walk through guide together. We provide you with an introduction to the bingo site by showing the home pages, the registration process, how to make a deposit, the lobby areas and we also show you the bingo games as they’re being played. By watching these videos you can get to see behind the scenes for yourself. That way, the reviews cannot be faked as you can see everything with your own eyes. We believe this gives you the best chance of making a decision for yourself without the sales influence some other reviews may have. Quite simply, you’ll be able to see whether you like the look of how the bingo plays or not. At the end of the day, bingo is a form of gambling and by providing these videos we’d like to think we’re helping you avoid some of the risks involved. These risks are reduced because you won’t go on to make a deposit of your own money and then be left disappointed. You’ll be able to see whether you want to make a deposit or not.

The second reason why our bingo reviews are different and unique is our audio summary. Our audio summaries concentrate on telling you information around the banking processes, the wagering requirements and how to make a withdrawal. The audio reviews are very factual. They are not opinions or our views, they simply state the facts. Each audio clip is fairly brief summarising those points that are normally found deep within the bingo sites terms and conditions. These are often the most important, yet they are often missed or difficult to spot for most bingo players. Besides, why spend the time trawling through the terms and conditions yourself when you can let someone else do it for you, like our team of experts.

The importance of review the wagering requirements

This is probably one of the most important aspects of any online bingo review. While it is nice having the aesthetics and design talked about in detail, this ultimately is quite a small point. We believe that every bingo player should understand what the wagering requirements are before committing to accepting a bonus. When we put our written assessment together, we really take our time analysing certain aspect of the terms and conditions. Therefore, within each review you’ll find details on the wagering requirements.

If you’re unsure what his means, it is what you’ll be required to spend or play through before you can make a withdrawal. To help explain we’ll give you a typical example. There is a special offer being run where if you deposit £10 you’ll get £20 free, so therefore have £30 to play bingo with. The wagering requirement attached to this bonus is 4X. What this means is that you will need to play the amount you deposited, £10 in this case, and the amount of bonus received, £20. Therefore the sum to work out how much you’ll need to spend would be £30 x 4 = £120. This means you will need to play through a total of £120 before you’ll be able to withdraw any of your winnings. This is why it is so important that you really understand the wagering requirements as this is what ultimately leads to most bingo players feeling they have been ripped off. Where we point out what the wagering requirements are we’ll also break it down and tell you how much you’ll need to spend to help avoid any confusion.

The importance of taking time to look at banking and withdrawal processes

While assessing the terms and conditions we find out how easy it is to make a deposit and also withdraw your winnings. The majority of time, any bingo operator will try and make depositing cash into your account as easy as possible. But sometimes, it can be tricky to make a withdrawal. So that you have as much information upfront as possible, we tell you how to withdraw your winnings and how long it is likely to take. Sometimes, we may spot some incredibly nasty withdrawal terms and times. If this is the case, then we will strongly recommend you avoid that particular bingo site or sometimes just stop our review completely. Players who have issues when trying to withdraw their winnings will often make complaints. As such, we are always trawling the forums to see which bingo sites are being complained about. If we find that players are having issues withdrawing their winnings then we will amend our review accordingly and pass on this feedback. The whole time, we are trying to help you make an informed decision and most importantly trying to help you stay safe.

The important aspect for bingo players safety

As you may have gathered from what we have said so far about our bingo reviews, at the heart of them is player safety. Therefore one of the most important things we take into consideration is whether a bingo operator is fully licensed and regulated. But to make sure that this regulation makes them ‘whitelisted’. ‘Whitelisted’ means that a bingo operator has licensing which falls under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission. The UK Gambling Commission has incredibly strict guidelines that bingo sites need to stick to if they wish to remain ‘whitelisted’. At the forefront of this is player security and safety. If a bingo operator fails stringent tests then they will not be able to fall under the safety of the UK Gambling Commission. This means they become ‘blacklisted’ and therefore need to be avoided at all costs. Just to help your piece of mind we always review the licensing jurisdiction of the bingo operator and tell if its ‘whitelisted’. If while reviewing a particular bingo site we see that it is not ‘whitelisted’ then they will be removed from our site completely. Therefore you can guarantee you will always be safe when using any of the onling bingo sites that we’ve reviewed.