Free Bingo Sites

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the world of bingo, everyone is looking for a free bingo site. These bingo sites offer exactly what it says, the chance for you to play bingo for free. There is no need for you to make a compulsory deposit – you can play for free! Our aim on this free bingo page is to help you choose the right bingo site. We’ve put together some brief educational material so you can fully understand these generous offers.
Terms & Conditions Apply. Over 18s Only. New Players Only. Please Gamble Responsibly.

What is a no deposit bonus and how does it work?

A no deposit bonus is as simple as it sounds. When you first join a bingo site you are given some free money to play with. This complimentary amount of money is simply given to you for creating a new player account at the particular bingo site. You will not need to make a deposit of any kind. The money will be given to you gratuitously. The idea behind this free bingo deal is to get new bingo players to join a particular bingo site. If you’re looking for somewhere new to play bingo, why spend you own money to find out you do not like the bingo site? You’re given this free money to try and get you hooked and then go on to make a deposit.

Some bingo sites will have different requirements when it comes to you obtaining this free money. A number of sites will require you just to create a new player profile. Some may need your bank details to verify your account, but no monies will be taken. Others may send you a verification email just to confirm your address is valid. On each of the free bingo no deposit required sites we feature we will point out how to claim this bonus.

We also need to point out that you will not be able to withdraw any real cash from any winnings you may get. You can win bingo games, but this will essentially be your fun pot of money. This money will be able to be spent of bingo games which you can win, but it is exactly that – fun money. It is a great way to get to know a bingo site and leaves you with the optional choice of making a deposit with your own money.

What do you need to do to play bingo for free?

On each of the websites featured on this page, we will tell you exactly what it is you need to do to be able to claim the free money. We have already mentioned some of the steps you’ll need to take briefly above.

The most common option is simply by creating a new player account. The majority of bingo sites have made their sign up process very slick and easy. You normally have one page of details to complete. These details will include your name, address and creating a username and password. Once you’ve done this you are usually taken to a deposit screen. You will not need to make a deposit and can head on over to play bingo.

Another common option is to follow the process of setting up a new player account as above. But this time you’ll be sent an email with a validation code or link. All you need to do in this instance is click the link and then you’ll have the money released into your player account. If you have not received this email it may well be in your junk folder. Be sure to keep an eye on both your inbox and junk mail folder.

An option which is not so common follows the first step of creating a new profile, but with the addition of adding your bank details. When creating a new profile you will be told that to claim your free bingo no deposit required bonus you’ll need to enter a credit or debit card. Do not worry; as no money will be taken from your card unless you go on to make a deposit. There may be some scam websites which may well try and take money from your account. But please remember for every free bingo no deposit required site featured we’ve created player accounts and played bingo there. If it were a scam site then we would know about it. You’re details will remain safe and secure and no money taken unless you make a deposit.

Why should you choose a site where you do not need to make a deposit?

Finding a new bingo site to join up with can be a pretty daunting task. Why would you want to part with £10 of your own money when you do not know whether the bingo site is any good? This is where free bingo websites are very useful. We believe that you should try everything before you buy. No one likes to buy goods and be left disappointed. Bingo is no different and besides, everyone loves a freebie!

You get the chance to have a really good look round the website. You can play slots and bingo games without spending your own money. You’ll get to see how easy the bingo site is or isn’t to use. Whether you like the look and design. Even down to whether you like the voice of the bingo caller. It is also a great opportunity for you to chat with fellow roomies. Why not ask them what they think about the site and whether they enjoy it?

Soon enough you will know whether you want to make the necessary deposit required to continue playing. You’ll have had the time to make a decision and decide whether a particular site is for you. We believe this is very important and would highly recommend this to anyone. We could point you in the direction of our favourite bingo sites but that would be wrong. By giving you a list of free online bingo sites you’re able to make your own decision. We offer help and guidance every step of the way. But by having free money to play with you’ll know whether you’ve made the right decision or not.