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Bank Transfer Bingo Sites

Are you looking for bank transfer bingo sites yet you also want to know more about how it works? Well, using bank transfer to add funds to your bank account it not the easiest of processes to begin with, but once done, it is then very straight forward. To help you gain a better understanding here is how it works.

You’ll first of all need to select bank transfer as the payment method. This can be shown as bank transfer, wire transfer or even instant banking. Once you’ve clicked on this payment method you’ll then be presented with a drop box. In this drop down box is a list of different banks. You select your bank from the list. Then one or two things could happen. You could be taken straight to a screen where you’ll be given the bingo sites bank details, such as account number and sort code. Alternatively, the bingo site may need you to download and install some software. This software is perfectly safe to install, as it simply allows you to pay by bank transfer. It may well be the case, that the bingo site is blacklisted so it may not be the safest way to add funds to your bingo account. However, we only have safe and ‘whitelisted’ bingo sites on this page. But please exercise caution if the bingo site you are using is blacklisted.

Once you have these details you will need to contact your bank. If you have the facility to use online banking then you can easily setup a new payment method this way. Otherwise you will need to make contact with your bank and ask them to set up a bank transfer using the details given to you by the bingo site.

Once you’ve setup to pay by bank transfer you shouldn’t have to enter your details again. Naturally, there are some disadvantages for using this payment method. It can be a fit fiddly to setup and also time consuming. Very few bingo sites actually accept this payment method, but the biggest downside is when it comes to making withdrawals. For some reason, if you request a bank transfer as your chosen withdrawal method, it will take longer to reach your account than other withdrawal methods that may be available.
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