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Neteller Bingo Sites

Neteller is a very popular and easy way to fund your bingo account. As such, we’ve made life easy for you by brining you all the neteller bingo sites on one handy page. Every online bingo site featured here uses neteller as an accepted payment method.
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Why should you consider using a neteller bingo site?

There are a number of great reasons why you should use neteller bingo sites. The first reason is security. When you have a neteller account you do not need to keep entering your debit or credit card details when you first join a bingo site. This offers you great peace of mind. Internet fraud in on the rise and although you should not have any problems making payments online, it gives you that extra layer of security. When you have a neteller account all you will ever need to do is top up funds and not enter any bank details. If you are someone who does not like to keep entering your bank details online then using neteller is a great way for you to make online bingo payments.

Using neteller as a payment method at your favourite bingo sites is really easy. Unlike making a normal deposit you do not need to enter any of your bank details as we’ve mentioned above. When you make a deposit or withdrawal all you need to do is enter you neteller ‘Account ID’ and ‘Secure ID’. It is safe, secure and very easy. This is why it is a good idea to look for neteller bingo sites, as you’ll never need to enter any of your bank details again. Simply enter your neteller ID’s and then you’re ready to play bingo.

It is also a great way to watch how much you spend while gambling. When you have entered a debit or credit card the money will keep on being taken from your account each time you make a deposit, unless you have set the system to restrict your daily allowance. A lot of gamblers do not do this or even know about this feature. This means that with a neteller account you can only spend what is in the account. Banks have a habit of letting you go overdrawn so you incur excessive charges allowing the bank to make more money. Not only this, but it will also affect your credit rating if you keep going over drawn. This is why neteller bingo sites are an ideal solution. You simply put an amount into your neteller account. This amount should be the maximum you’re prepared to loose when gambling. This way, you will only ever spend what you set aside. This is a really good idea when using online bingo sites or any form of gambling sites. You will also never incur any excess charges from your bank as your neteller account will only let you withdraw what you have in it.

What is Neteller and how does it work?

Neteller is an online company that allows you to move money and pay for goods or services online. It is simple to use and incredibly secure. The most popular method of moving money is to use the eWallet. This is simply an account online which has a set amount of funds in, which then allows you to easily deposit or withdraw monies from your bingo account. You can also use your Neteller account to pay for goods online and even get a debit card so you can withdraw cash out from any ATM.

Neteller is one of the world’s largest online money transferring services. They compete with the well-known PayPal. They process billions of pounds worth of transactions each year and are used in over 200 countries. All this means that it is one of the most secure and safest ways to pay funds into your online bingo account.

Creating a Neteller account to play bingo online

Creating an account for use with neteller bingo sites is really easy. First of all you’ll need to sign up with neteller. To create a neteller account click here (enter hyperlink for neteller and also create an affiliate account as you never know!). You begin by entering some basic details like name address, setting a series of security questions and then entering your bank details. This is where the process now gets a bit time consuming. Neteller will send your account a nominal amount, which is pennies, for you to then confirm that the account is correct and yours. This process takes around seven days. If you’re looking to join a bingo site and use a neteller account instantly then we’re afraid it won’t happen. It’s not the slickest of processes but at least you know it’s very safe and secure.

How to make a deposit and fund your neteller account

Now that you have a neteller eWallet account you’ll need to fund it before you can go and use it at your chosen bingo site. Depending on what payment method you use to put funds into your account will determine whether you pay a fee or not. This is why caution is needed when choosing how you top up your neteller eWallet. Bank transfers are free of charge. But if you chose to use a MasterCard you’ll pay a fee of 1.75%-4.95%. This is why we’d always recommend you have a look at the fees section on the neteller website to see just how much of a fee you’re likely to incur. Remember anything other than a bank transfer will incur a fee so please do remember that. The thing you will always have with neteller is a huge range of choice of just how you deposit funds into your account. There are also local options depending on where you live. Neteller have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to deposit funds into your account.

How to Withdraw money from your Neteller account

This is probably the best scenario, as it means you’ve played bingo and won! Now that you’ve won a handsome amount playing 90 ball bingo you’ll want to withdraw it. Each of the different neteller bingo sites featured will have different requirements and maybe fees. Neteller will not charge you for ‘cashing’ out but a bingo site may do. If you want to withdraw money from your neteller eWallet into your own bank account then there are a number of different options open to you. A straight forward money transfer is free of charge. But if you want a cheque or bank transfer then you’ll pay a fee of 7.5 EUR. When withdrawing monies, be sure to look at the fees section so you know exactly what you’ll be charged.

Another option to consider is the neteller prepaid mastercard. If you have won some money playing bingo and you want to use it to pay for some local shopping then a neteller card will allow you to do this. A ‘net+ card’ is free for you to order. It is also handy way of using your bingo winnings to pay for certain goods. Rather than just transferring all of the money out of your account you can withdraw cash at the majority of ATMs or use at the tills in shops. Why not reward yourself and spend your bingo winnings on a new pair of shoes that you’ve spotted!

Are neteller bingo sites safe for you to use?

One of the reasons for using a neteller eWallet is security. This something we touched on slightly at the top of the page. Because neteller deals with billions of pounds worth of transactions they need to have some exceptional security measures in place. Bingo sites which offer neteller also need to know your money is safe. Therefore neteller is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority which means it holds more than 100% of your account in trust accounts, this means your money is always there when you need it. They also use the latest 128-bit encryption technology, identity verification and real-time transaction monitoring. Using your eWallet is one of the safest ways to carry out financial transactions online.

A summary as to why you could consider using neteller to play bingo

We believe that using neteller is a great way to gamble safely and responsibly. It ensures that you can never spend more than what is in your account. It is really easy to use and is accepted at a vast number of online bingo websites. The great thing with a neteller account is you only need to set it up once. Once it is done simply search for a list of neteller bingo sites so you know you’ll be able to use existing funds in your account. It is really easy to add and withdraw funds from your bingo account. Remember that each bingo website will have different deposit limits for adding and withdrawing funds. But overall neteller bingo sites are a great and safe option for you to use.