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PayPal Bingo Sites

PayPal is a very convenient way for you to make deposits and withdrawals at online bingo sites. It is also known for being a very safe and secure way to move your money online. Using your PayPal account to pay money into your bingo account means you no longer have to enter your bank or credit card details to fund your player account. As such, each of the bingo sites featured on this page allows you to make payments into and out of your bingo account using PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account and are looking for a new bingo site then every site featured here has been rigorously tested and is 100% safe and secure. If you’re thinking of using PayPal as a new way to pay money into your player account then carry on reading for our educational guide to PayPal bingo sites.
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What is PayPal and how does it work?

There can’t be too many people who have used the internet and not come across PayPal. It is an online facility that allows you to pay money into one account, which can be then used to buy goods, or in this case fund your bingo account. If you’ve used eBay then you will have also come across PayPal, as this is the preferred method of paying for goods. Creating a new PayPal account is really easy and is a great option for bingo players. You simply enter your bank details once and that is it. When you make your first deposit at a bingo website you will no longer need to enter bank details, just the details from your PayPal account.

What are the benefits of using PayPal to play bingo?

There are a number of benefits as to why you may want to use PayPal to pay money to use for playing bingo. These benefits are just our opinions, but we feel they are valid reasons to consider. There are arguments as to what could be considered the best way to fund your online bingo account, but in terms of ease they do not get much easier than using PayPal. Creating a PayPal account itself is really easy. You simply create a username, password, name address and some security questions along with your bank details and that it is. You can now use the money from your PayPal account to pay for a number of goods and services, including playing bingo of course.

Another benefit is the security aspect in terms of controlling you’re spending on gambling. When you enter your debit or credit card details it can be easy to spend more than what is in your account. A bingo site will not know the limit of your account so they will of course take the money that you’ve deposited. If you happen to have gone over your bank limits then you will be charged by the bank, and usually quite highly. Each online bingo site has protections in place to stop this from happening, but this is where the real beauty of PayPal comes in.

When you have a PayPal account you cannot spend more money than is in it. It is a eWallet, and when your purse or wallet is empty of cash you can’t spend anything. This is the same for your PayPal account. You pay money into PayPal directly from your bank and that it is. Money only moves between PayPal and your bank and no other source. This means that if you don’t have the funds to play more bingo in your PayPal account you’ll have to stop playing. We believe it is a great way to set a spending limit on any gambling that you may do. It will mean that if you only spend what you set aside then you will not be upset or disappointed.

Another great benefit is how quickly you can put funds into and out of your bingo account. When you use PayPal money is transferred instantly, so you can start playing bingo straight away. Likewise, some of the PayPal bingo sites we’ve featured will also let you withdraw money just as quickly. Some of the online bingo sites will fund the money back to your PayPal account within just four or five hours. This is exceptionally quick when you compare it to a debit or credit card payment. When you use those withdrawal methods you may not receive the payment for up to three or four days.

When you do make a withdrawal of your bingo winnings then proof of ID is likely to be needed. If you’re a new player to bingo then be prepared to send copies of any ID which the online bingo site may require. This is a standard security check and ensures that only the right person is receiving the money.

One of the final benefits is anonymity and security of your bank details. When you first join a bingo site you have to pay money into your new account. More often than not this is done by entering your bank details. If you like playing at a number of bingo sites then this could be a concern for you. It may be that you have a couple of bank accounts and accidently use the wrong card to fund your bingo account. But one of the main reasons is fraud on the internet. Whilst we’ve only recommended secure and fully licenced bingo websites who keep on top of their player’s security, there may be a time when such security is breached by a fraudster. If you decide to use one of our PayPal bingo sites then you will no longer have this problem. All of your bank details will be looked after by PayPal and these details are transmitted to any other company. All you will do is move money from your eWallet into your bingo account, and vice versa if you win! This makes joining a new bingo site very easy and very secure.

How to use PayPal to add funds to your bingo account

Whether you’re an experienced bingo player or a complete newbie the process could not be easier. You begin by creating a new player account as you would normally. At this stage of the process you only enter your name and address while creating a username and password. Bank details are not needed at this point of the process, and they shouldn’t be at any point if you’re using PayPal. You now that you are logged in head on over to the ‘My Account’ section or ‘Deposit’. It will be labelled slightly differently at each of the different bingo sites we’ve featured.

Once you’re ready to deposit there will be a section for ‘PayPal’. This is where life gets really easy for you. Once you’ve chosen this way to pay you only need to enter your PayPal account details. This will consist of a username and password you created for your PayPal account. After you’ve entered these details select how much you wish to deposit and that is it! Naturally, you will only be able to deposit what is in your PayPal account and not any more. If you want to play bingo with more money then you’ll need to log in to your PayPal account directly. Using PayPal bingo sites to pay into your account is really that easy. No bank details change hands and everything it very secure.

A general summary of PayPal bingo

We hope that you have found our PayPal bingo sites guide helpful and informative. Overall we believe that this is a great option for bingo players. It is very safe as you do not enter any bank details. You can’t spend more than is in your account so will never go over your bank limit. Paying into and out of your bingo account is really quick and easy and its very simple to set up. Whilst we give you as much help and advice as is possible, playing bingo is still a form of gambling. As such, please do keep track of your spending and if you feel you have a problem then please do visit gamble aware.