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PaySafeCard Bingo Sites

Welcome to our page dedicated to PaySafeCard bingo sites. Here you will find a list of the safest and secure online bingo providers that will allow you to make a deposit using your PaySafeCard. Each of the sites featured has been fully tested by our staff to ensure they are totally 100% safe and also accept PaySafeCard as a form of payment.

What is a PaySafeCard and how does it work?

A PaySafeCard is a prepaid card that allows you to pay for goods or services online or in this case play bingo. The card is purchased from a retail outlet, where you choose the amount of credit to be placed on the card. You can choose between £10, £25, £50, £75 or £100. The card can purchased from over 450,000 outlets worldwide, but there is an easier way to find a local outlet. If you visit the PaySafeCard website you can enter your town or post code. The resulting search will tell you where you can get a PaySafeCard from and its distance from where you are. A PaySafeCard is free to use in the first year, but after that you will be charged €2 a month to use it.

Once you’ve bought you’re card you may well be wondering how it works and thinking how do I use my PaySafeCard to play bingo? Well, it is in fact very simple. First of all you’ll need to find a bingo site which will accept PaySafeCard as a form of payment, a list of PaySafeCard bingo sites is found on this page. Once you’ve registered your account you then need to make a deposit in the normal way. There is now a difference between other payment methods. When you buy a PaySafeCard you’re given a 16 digit number. This number is then entered onto the bingo site when you make a deposit. You simply decide how much of the cards value you want to deposit and enter the 16 digit code. In terms of depositing methods it is one of the easiest available.

What type of bingo player would want to use a PaySafeCard?

The PaySafeCard is used by bingo players who may not have a debit or credit card. In fact, it can be anyone who would prefer to pay in cash. Essentially the PaySafeCard allows you to deposit funds into your bingo account using cash. You buy the PaySafeCard using cash in your local shop which is then added to your bingo account when you enter the 16 digit code. Therefore, using a PaySafeCard is the ideal for solution for those bingo players who may not have or may not want to use their bank account.

Some bingo players chose to use a PaySafeCard as a form of responsible gambling. The danger when using a credit or debit is that you can spend more than is in your account, and therefore end up with a nasty surprise at the end of the month. However, using a PaySafeCard promotes controlled gambling as you can only spend the value of the card. If you only put £10 on to the card then you can only spend £10. This allows you to keep track of your spending and avoids incurring costly over draft fees.

Withdrawal problems when using a PaySafeCard

There is one major downside to using a PaySafeCard to deposit funds into your bingo account. Because the card can only be topped up with cash at certain stores, it means that when you win you will not be able to withdraw the money back onto the PaySafeCard. This is certainly an issue, as it means you’ll need to be sent a cheque. While receiving a cheque may be totally acceptable, unfortunately the bingo site will charge you for this service. You need to carefully read the withdrawal terms to see what that charge will be. But it is common practice for a minimum fee of £5 to be charged to issue your winnings by cheque. It could well be more, so please do read the withdrawal terms carefully.
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