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Find Deals and an Explanation to Cassava Bingo Sites

Here you will find a list of Cassava bingo sites and an explanation as to who Cassava enterprises are and what role they play in the world of online bingo. Cassava are licensed in Gibraltar which means they fall under the UK gambling authority. This means that each of the sites we’ve recommended below is ‘whitelisted’ and classed as being 100% safe. If you’re looking to find out more about Cassava then keep on reading below for an educational guide. You’ll also find a list of all the current sites which we have reviewed, tested and consider safe to recommend.
Terms & Conditions Apply. Over 18s Only. New Players Only. Please Gamble Responsibly.

Who are Cassava enterprises and what do they do?

First of all let’s explain who Cassava enterprises are. Cassava is a subsidiary of 888 holdings. 888 holdings run some of the biggest and best known casino and bingo brands on the internet. 888 holdings own and run 888 bingo, 888 ladies, Moon Bingo, Mirror bingo plus numerous others. These are some of the better known bingo websites. Cassava is linked with 888 holdings but do not actually run any bingo sites. They are based and licensed in Gibraltar which is on the ‘safe’ list from the UK Gambling Commission. 888 holdings also own Dragonfish, which is the software arm of the company.

If Cassava enterprises do not actually run and manage bingo websites what exactly do they do? Let’s look at the overall picture. 888 holdings run and own a vast array of online bingo related sites, but they do not do everything. Dragonfish is the arm of the company that power the software for vast numbers of online bingo sites, while 888 holdings run the sites. Cassava enterprises then step in to control the payment and licensing of all the 888 holdings companies. So now you can see how the three companies all work together and fit like a jigsaw.

Cassava does not just work exclusively for sites owned by 888 holdings. Let’s imagine you want to start your own bingo website. You need to have your site designed, choose the software program to use, get licensed and collect payments as well as pay out winnings. Trying to handle all these different elements yourself would be a nightmare. Therefore, you bring in other specialist companies to do some elements for you. Obtaining licenses and understanding gambling laws is incredibly tricky and costly. This is where you would use a company like Cassava enterprises. They would take over all your regulatory and licensing requirements for you in return for a fee. So now you’re able to start your site as your licensed in Gibraltar and on the safe list. All this is of course done through Cassava enterprises. Next up would be dealing with monies and financial transactions. This is something that Cassava will also take care of for you. Two of your major headaches of financial transactions and licensing worries have now been taken care of, thanks to Cassava.

Have you made a payment and wondering who Cassava are?

It may well be that you’re already at a Cassava bingo site and are wondering why ‘Cassava’ is showing on your bank statement. This is because the site has used Cassava enterprises to look after all their player transactions as we’ve mentioned above. Cassava process hundreds of transactions everyday so are one of the leading financial companies in the online bingo world. This means that your money is being looked after by experts. However, if you look at some bingo forums other players may not agree. You can easily find complaints against Cassava and how they have handled payment queries. This has often left a lot of bingo players confused. If you’ve signed up with 888ladies why is Cassava dealing with your financial query? It’s simply because Cassava are the bingo financial experts and work on behalf of that particular bingo site. We’ve also come across a number of complaints which relate to non-payment of winnings or closing of bingo accounts. Unfortunately they are often down the bingo player not fully reading and understanding the terms of play before making a deposit of claiming a bonus. However, if we feel that a complaint is justified and we feel you, the bingo player, have been unfairly treated we will then no longer recommend such sites.

Cassava sites will be licensed and regulated

We’ve already touched on licensing above. Compliance and licensing is a major headache for any bingo site. No matter their base location, the website will need to be regulated. If they are not regulated or unsafe then they will not feature on this website. We’ve already mentioned that Gibraltar falls under the ‘whitelisted jurisdiction’ of the UK Gambling Authority. As Cassava are based and regulated in Gibraltar, it instantly means that the bingo site which uses Cassava will be regulated in a ‘safe’ location. This is good news for both you and the bingo website. We cannot stress how important it is to use a fully regulated and licensed bingo site. Using our scenario of setting up your own website you can now see the advantage of using a company in an authorised zone being in charge of your compliance.

A summary on Cassava enterprises

One of the key points to take away here is that if you see Cassava mentioned anywhere on a site, they are not actually necessarily the owners of the site. They are acting as the company in charge of the financial transactions, licensing and regulation. They are not in charge; they are simply getting a fee to provide a service.

If you see Cassava mentioned anywhere you should take this a good sign. You will know that your financial transactions will be safe and are in the hands of experts. Cassava enterprises have well over a decade worth of experience. This is why they have become market leaders for bingo transactions. Because Cassava enterprises is so large, it means it is always investing in new technology and security measures to ensure you’re always safe and secure.

You should also take it as a good sign as you will know that the online bingo site is fully regulated. If you see a bingo website has used Cassava enterprises to deal with its licensing and compliance then it will be ‘whitelisted’. Any company which is located and authorised to work from Gibraltar is always a great sign.

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